iv therapy


Today, the Myer’s Cocktail Infusion is used to enhance wellness and ease everything from low energy to headaches and aids in speeding up recovery. There is a reason the first vitamin IV Infusion ever developed is still in use today! The Myer’s Cocktail is great to boost hydration lost during hot, summer days!


Fluids | Electrolytes | Vitamin C | B-Complex and more.

MIgraine / pain infusion

Dehydration and nutritional deficiencies are two big factors in the cause of migraines, and every day we lose nutrients and fluids. This IV Infusion is packed with B vitamins and minerals to help improve blood flow and enhance rest and sleep. This formula also includes a nonnarcotic pain reliever to help you ease tension relax and feel yourself again.


Fluids | Electrolytes | B-Complex | Anti-inflammatory | Migraine Relief Medication


Our Immunity Booster Infusion supports your immune system. It includes a combination of Vitamin C and Zinc to help combat illnesses. Vitamin C and Zinc are
powerful nutrients that strengthen your immune system and reduce inflammation. This Infusion is perfect to fight viruses, bacteria, and seasonal allergies.


Fluids | Electrolytes | Vitamin C | Zinc


Want beautiful, radiant skin? Our Beauty Infusion is the answer! Hydrate your skin back to health by promoting collagen and elastin development to fight the signs of aging. This unique blend of vitamins and antioxidants will help give you the flawless, glowing skin you want. This formulation also reduces inflammation and enhances your immune system.


Fluids | Electrolytes | Vitamin C | Glutathione


Stress relief can be provided with IV therapy. Stress and stress-related tension, fatigue and irritability are all common among adults. That’s where IV therapy comes in. With our help you can get the vitamins you need quickly and effectively so that you can get some much needed stress relief.


IV fluids | B vitamins | amino acids | and magnesium

ENERGY infusion

Working hard in the gym or at your job? This Infusion helps you perform better, have more energy, and recover faster. These ingredients will support athletic performance, muscle recovery, and joint health. The nutrients will help accelerate your metabolism, helping you to burn more calories and replenish your cells.


Fluids | Electrolytes | B -Complex | Energy Enhancer | Amino Acids | Boost your Infusion with Vitamin C for more support and extra fluids for more hydration.